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By | December 31, 2014
Golconda Fort also known as “Golla konda “(Shephered Hill) or “Golkonda” was the capital of Golconda kingdom during 14th and 16th century and was built by Kakatiyas inorder to protect themselves from western forces. It was located at 11 kms from Hyderabad Dist and was considered as epitome of Nawabs culture. The Artitechture was well planned and was famous for Diamonds Trade. The famous Kohinoor Diamond is said to be come from here. Golconda Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage in a beautiful city- Hyderabad (famous for its History).
In this article we have provided you with the History of Golconda Fort, Golconda Fort Timings, Golconda Fort Route Map and lot more stuff related to Golconda Fort Hyderabad.

Golconda Fort History:-

                           Golconda Fort is the one of the biggest Fortress in the Deccan Plateau, Even before the city of Bhagyanagar was formed, the Deccan region was ruled y Golconda from Golconda Fort.  A Shepherd boy found an idol in that area, he informed it to the Kakatiya King, who built a mud fort around it.So, it was named after Shepherd as Golla konda, later transformed to Golconda. the fort structure was extended by Qutub Shahi’s  with Granite walls.

The Golconda fort became a place of battleground for three kingdoms.and the fort became the prominent place for Bahmani Sultanate after the victory.Even now there are some sculptures or indications about the war. after the collpase of Bahmani sultanate, In 1518, Qutub Shahi Dynasty arose This fort remained as capital of Qutub Shahi Dynasty up to 1590 and later it was shifted to Hyderabad. The city became wealthy capital for Qutub shahi’s. The Golconda fort was built on 400 ft high hill. 

About Golconda Fort :-

                             Golconda fort is built on a Granite Hill of 120 mts high. Golconda has 4 distinct forts with 10km outer wall. It has 87 semi-circular Cannons, 4 Drawbridges and 8 Gateways and also it consists of many Darbar Halls, Mosques, temples, Palaces,Fateh Darwaza gate,Taramathi Gana Mandir and Premathi Nithya mandir. and  the palaces of famous people like Akkana- Madanna ( Bhaktha Ramadasu ).

Major attractions of the Golconda fort Hyderabad:-

Sound and Light show :-

The delightful Past of golconda is depicted effectively in the sound and light show. The unique sound and light show narrates about the Glory, Life and Grandeur of Golla Konda.


The Fort is famous for its acoustics fortification. A hand clap at the centre point below the Dome near the entrance is echoed and can be heard clearly at Bala Hissar located at a kilometer away from the entrance. The fort as many attractive palaces, spectacular water supply system, Mahals, Arches etc.
As many people search for Golconda Fort Timings, Golconda Fort Fee Structure, Route Map of Golconda Fort we have provided a detailed information regarding those queries. 

Golconda Fort timings and  Fee structure :-

Opening and Closing Timings :- All days of the week (except monday) 
                                                        9:30 AM — 5:00 PM
                                                        7:00 PM — 8:00 PM ( Light and Sound show)
Entry Fee :-                    5 per person For Indians  
                                        100 per person For foreign nationals  
                                        25 per camera For Videography  
                                        130 per person Light and Sound Show Ticket
Visit duration :- Around 2-3 hours

Golconda fort painting :-


Golconda Fort Route Map:

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