The basic key principles involved in writing speech to Entertain

By | October 28, 2016

Speech can be on anything such as personal events of birthdays and anniversaries, special days and such wedding or even a graduation day. Not just such events and days, speech can be also about a person or about any incident. Thus, speech can be about anything, the only thing is that it has to be properly written.

A speech may seem to be quite easy, but it takes a lot of preparation in completing speech writing so that it can sound appealing when spoken up. Mainly people write speech to entertain the audience and hence proper measures should be taken about basic elements.

The topic of the speech

The first most important thing is to check out about the topic of the speech. If the speech is about a special day such as wedding or a special person such as your daughter on her birthday, then there can be giggles and casualty in the speech. But on the other hand, if the speech is about some serious thing, such as annual party in office, it has to be made sure that proper technicalities are been used in the sentences. Thus, it depends on the topic about what content should be there and also what tone should be incorporated.

Proper planning

Speech has to be something that may remain for a few days in the minds of the audience. Puzzled up sentences and jumbled up themes will not succeed you in staying in the minds of the audience for much time. The safest side is to get a theme for your theme and then make up points that you wish to highlight. All the points should be crisp and well separated from each other so that nothing seems to be puzzled up. The speech should be well understood and not confusing.

Real life examples

Using examples in a speech makes it lively and also breaks the monotone of speaking serious. But it is again a flop idea to use fiction examples. In place of that if real life examples are used, then the audience is able to connect better with the speech and hence they provide better attention to you. Also it becomes easier for you to remember the points that you need to incorporate in the speech, thanks to the real life examples that you will use in your speech.

Write what you say

This is a proven fact that what you write on paper is quite different than what you speak. If you write a speech like what you generally write on a topic, then it will seem as if you are reading a book or a note in front of a mass. The speech should be conversational and smooth as if you are speaking your own views and not from the writing. For this, some great tips are to write short sentences, use contractions and also put lots of expressions in the words.

Speeches make great place in human life. It provides news in some cases and provokes emotions in other cases. Writing speeches is an art and hence the above mentioned rules should be followed so that the aim of speech can be achieved.

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